Offshore Services

Offshore Services

Understanding customer requirements and providing a suitable solution is of utmost importance to us. Our teams of experts take end to end execution ownership. By providing a fresh perspective and out of the box thinking we make successful project delivery. We undertake projects from data entry to pure development work.

Our Key Differentiator

We specialize in technology platforms like Pitney Bowes Spectrum, Google Data Studio, Neo4j to meet the demanding and ever-changing needs in the world of e-commerce.

Along with using unique technology platforms, we also offer value-added services like conducting security audits, backups, and system support.

We use Spectrum modules to enhance business productivity and to enrich business data
We offer solutions using the following Spectrum modules

MDM (Master Data Management)

We use MDM to create a consolidated view of business data from multiple sources. We use MDM to deliver personalized customer service, to trace historical data, to identify golden customer, to predict customer influence


We use Geocoding to locate precise location required for product delivery, calculate the distance between specified points, find population density, and build location intelligence solution.

Visual Insights

We use visual insights for creating graphical reports, statistics, dashboard, charts, which helps in data interpretation, data mining business decisions, and forecasting trend analysis.

Data Quality

We use Data quality to improve accuracy, reduce redundancy, avoid duplication and to maintain the uniqueness of data

Data Integration

We use this module to collect data from as many as 20 different data sources. Furthermore, this data can be used as per business requirement or for different modules.

Enterprise Designer

We use this visual tool for creating dataflow, which helps to run various business logics between defined data source.

Advance User Administrative Module

Helps assigning roles & responsibilities to the users as per user hierarchy. It also helps to configure security for business.

Case Study


A world’s largest digital printing company, leading the industry in grand format printing for out of home advertising and other speciality digital production channels.



Problem Statement:

Our client were in need of getting understandable insights and reports on new customers, sale done, recurring business from old customer sales and retrieving past customers information. They were also looking for customer best of bread records and to determine customer golden record solutions.

Proposed Solution:

Our organization in collaboration with the client deployed a solution using Pitney Bowes Spectrum Software helped resolve the above requirements & to integrate data from a different database, performed data cleaning and provided visual insights. This analysis further helped our client to understand single view of customer, customer actions resulting in increased sales, targetting marketing, customer behaviors & buying patterns, retrieving old customers information and creating customer master data management records.

We are tightly integrated with our offshore partner

ThinkQuotient Software Pvt Ltd , Pune, Maharashtra, India