MyExamo Talent Assessment Program

MyExamo TAP

A desire to innovate, a combination of industry experience, knowledge, passion and understanding the gaps that exist in technical staffing has led to the innovation of state of the art products and services for our Corporate Clients.

Vedics offers high-quality products and outsourcing services to customers across the globe. The company is mainly engaged in product development and has successfully marked its presence in the field of edtech product space with its online cloud-based solution

MyExamo TAP Vision
In this world if there is any assessment, MyExamo TAP should be the solution for it.

What is MyExamo TAP?

MyExamo TAP is an innovative solution for companies to perform talent Assessment. It is an MCQ based assessment tool that gives on the spot test result. It is a top notch product that aims to reduce evaluation cost & time and thus bring uniformity in any vertical.

MyExamo TAP Framework can be used for

Use Case 1: While Hiring External Candidates perform
  • Technology evaluation as a base for L1/L2 rounds
  • Psychometric evaluation
Use Case 2: Setting up Mid Term goals for Internal Employees
  • Technology evaluation
Use Case 1: Evaluation of Internal Employees in their respective domains. Eg Finance, ECommerce, Sales, HR Evaluation of Best HR Practices, emerging HR trends.
Use Case 1: Any new joinee can be evaluated to understand the knowledge for the role given to him as per company need. Eg: HR person recruited and assigned to Payroll System. Thereafter evaluating HR person's understanding of Allianz Payroll System.
Use Case 1: Imagine a new joinee to an existing support project. TAP can be used to assess how much the new joinee has really understood the project processes.
Use Case 1: After induction training, to find out new joinee's understanding of Company Verticals.
Use Case 2: Allianz wants to evaluate change of ethics and compliance rule policies across organization. TAP can be used to assess the same.
  • Get results on the spot with 90% accuracy of fitment
  • Reduce cost
  • Save precious resource’s bandwidth
  • Conduct Assessment across Domain & Verticals. Eg: Combine Technology as well as Domain in Single Test & get even better result
  • Questions can be categorized into Basic, Intermediate, Advanced & Expert Levels so as to tweak the passing criteria
  • Conduct assessment in anti-cheating mode to avoid plagiarism
  • Bring uniformity in assessment
  • Setting up & conducting Practice Tests on a short notice without requiring any external help
  • Auto generate tests in a matter of minutes for almost any role
  • Configure to calculate with negative marks for a stringent verification
  • Invite candidates - Send invitations via email or simply share the test URL
  • Immediately view reports to assess a candidate’s strengths & weaknesses
  • Add additional MCQ questions in its huge questions bank